A. Draft Net Boot Image Proposal 0.3, June 15, 1997

Jamie Honan and Gero Kuhlmann, gero AT minix PERIOD han PERIOD de

In order to provide more functionality to the boot rom code Jamie's draft has been changed a little bit. All of Gero Kuhmnann's changes are preceded and followed by (gk). All of Ken Yap's changes are preceded and followed by (ky).

Preamble - the why

Whilst researching what other boot proms do (at least those implementing TCP/IP protocols) it is clear that each 'does their own thing' in terms of what they expect in a boot image.

If we could all agree on working toward an open standard, O/S suppliers and boot rom suppliers can build their products to this norm, and be confident that they will work with each other.

This is a description of how I will implement the boot rom for Linux. I believe it to be flexible enough for any OS that will be loaded when a PC boots from a network in the TCP/IP environment.

It would be good if this could be turned into some form of standard.

This is very much a first draft. I am inviting comment.

The ideas presented here should be independant of any implementation. In the end, where there is a conflict between the final of this draft, and an implementation, this description should prevail.

The terms I use are defined at the end.

(gk)IMPORTANT NOTE: The scope of this document starts at the point where the net boot process gains control from the BIOS, to where the booted image reaches a state from which there is no return to the net boot program possible.(gk)